Supreme Lamb.


Between 2005-2008 we imported 3000 New Zealand embryos (in conjunction with M&S) & since then we have had regular consignments of rams flown in from Focus Genetics. These sheep have been bred to grow well on good quality grass & they have consistently won the taste panelling awards in NZ. 

Over the past few years our lamb has been selling in to the higher end markets, currently we are producing for the Tesco Finest Range.

           2014 Stock Rams (pictured)


  • The rams pictured were flown in from New Zealand in June 2014.


  • They were selected from thousands of potential candidates.


  • They have gone through a CT scanner & analysed for their superior muscling ability, which will naturally be passed on to their lambs.


  • Progeny from these rams will be sent to farms all over the UK this Autumn so these genetics can be used more widely in the future.


  • We ultrasound scan our lambs each year looking for increase muscling traits. We have seen a massive improvement in meat yield since using this highly effective management tool.

           2012 Stock Rams (pictured)


  • The rams pictured were flown in from New Zealand in the Summer of 2012. 


  • This year over 25,000 ewes will be mated from descendants of these imports.


  • Over 2000 ewes & 500 rams have been sold from here in the last 2 years.


  • Their popularity in the UK is growing very quickly due to their ability to thrive on grass & their outstanding meat eating attributes.


  • Unfortunately though,like most sheep, they still like to escape from their fields !!




                 Our Sheep Flock


  • We will lamb over 2500 sheep between Februay & May & hopefully have approximately 4000 new lambs. 


  • The majority of our flock is now based on these Primera/Highlander genetics (see picture)


  • We are one of the highest selling ram producers in the UK.


  • We are now able to offer this lamb for sale privately through Marbled Meats.



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